26 August 2010

Sucky 60th post

I've been at it for two days, but the time I spend on it actually drawing
is only 5 hours and 30 minutes.

I started out two days back, and though it would be a simple drawing, easy coloring, easy shading and so on. But then I had to change everything. I decided to give it color in the worst way possible and then I even started shading in the more detailed way. The lineart itself took 4 layers. Sketch, easy outline, more detailed, and final lines.

During the coloring proces I drew over the outline, so in fact I didn't have to spend a lot of time on the outlines after all. But that's what happens if you decide to start coloring in another way then planned AFTER the outlines are made. The big question is of course: what the hell did I do in those other 42 hours of those days.

Sleep is one of them. Work is another one, eating, watching the first Harry Potter movie, and some standard reading of the webcomics. Its clear to see that my failed deadline is my own fault and thus I'll have to live with the fact that post number 60 is a bit boring. But not to be alarmed, the drawing is definatly popping up in the next post.

But for now I'm just going to give this sneak peak of it. For now I still have the monster to shade, and then later on add some extra blured shadows and textures. Of course there has to be a color correction as well.

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