03 June 2010

Capturing gold

In Zero Gravity, liquid gold is in the form of a sphere.

For this Thursday update I was checking out some previous drawings I had on my computer. I figured I could redraw an older drawing that I had made. It would save me some troubles, for instance: less troubles with finding a propper subject. After trying to fix the old pose in the new one I realised it couldn't possibley work.

So I changed ideas and just used the armor from the old drawing as inspiration for the new one. The character however is still the same. Some redhead space traveling soldier.

So now I have a drawing that is anatomicaly very flawed. The twist off the body is very akward. Mostly since I have NO reference material whatsoever. I was just guessing really. Guessing how the body would turn like that. Sure, I could check my own body, but that's a bit hard to do. I might need a mirror. Or just some good old fashioned victim who can pose for me.

But anyway, here's the older drawing that I used for the armor. Though I guess not much is left of the original.

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