06 May 2010


Apparently you can erase pencil lines with crustless bread. So I heard.

I havn't tried the bread trick yet. But the person who told me was pretty darn well convinced it was a good way. Just like you can fixate a painting with hairspray. That second one I knew, but I had never before heard of the bread eraser. Tomorrow I'm going to try that, and no I'm not going to eat the piece I used.

So today I will present you with the sneeze comic. Its something I have had in mind a couple off times. When I'm working in the store I sometimes sneeze. I can't sneeze on the merchandise and it would be sorta unethical to sneeze in my hand and then touch all the clothes with that hand. Thus the solution would present itself as sneezing away to my side.

Now when sneezing you close your eyes and don't really pay attention to what is in the fireline. Its also fun to exagerate a sneeze. Go loud and make a big move, and of course after it go "aaah, that was good" and maybe add a sniff for expression. But anyway. It hit me that if I sneezed in the store there would actually be a good chance of sneezing on a customer.

A customer itself is not really fun, its more fun to sneeze on a kid. Cause they will have a more expresive response to it. So frankly, I find it funny, that concept. There is only one problem with making a comic about it. The scenario in my mind is perfect and funny, but its almost impossible to get that feeling, those expressions, and that mood onto paper. I tried a lot of different ways in that last pannel. the eyes, mouth pose, it was all wrong at one moment in time.

I also spend quite some time on the "aaghtschpeww". Tried different versions of that sneeze. Like atchoem, ahtschoum, aaaaahpew. But somehow I think the onomatopoeia that I used is presenting you with every feeling you can have in the sneeze. At least in my opinion.

So the result is my best try at drawing the expression that I wanted. The expression of disgust, sadness, "whyyyy?", cry, disbelief and maybe even a vomit to it. Ow well, I'm sure I got the point across and I hope your imagination will do the rest.

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