27 May 2010

Reviving the computer

I don't like viruses, and I don't like them infecting my computer.

Cause you know, whenever I'm in such a situation I have to format my drive, and reinstall all the sheblam. Winamp, avg, internet explorer and necesary updates. And then I have to uninstall all the crap that gets installed on the computer from that recovery disk. Yeah, laptops, great stuff, but terrible on the extra software they provide.

Luckily I was able to get a drawing done for todays update. It took me about an hour to draw this. I drew this from a photograph that I had taken when I was in Norway some years ago. On a holliday with my parents in a motorhome. Awesome trip I can tell you. I took the photo with one of them analoge camera's. Yeah, nothing digital at all. Darn kids and them modern toys.

So years later, today I was browsing through my photographs to look for a decent thingy to draw. I removed a few objects from the photo. There was a tree on the right, in front of the "Stave church" and some pillar was in the grass blocking the view, so that got deleted too. But besides that everything else stayed in it.

Norwegian stave church by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

I also decided to use this oppertunity to make a speeddrawing of it. So instead of a cartoon speed drawing, there is now a "realistic" speed painting available. Hopefully to your enjoyment. Though the quality could be better. But my windows movie maker on my computer failed at the moment that I was making it. But that should be fixed by the next time.

In other news, the music used is from the game "system shock 2" In my fair opinion, one of the best games ever conceived.

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