13 May 2010

The masking paint experiment

This masking paint has the worst smell imaginable.

I recently got me a bottle of masking paint. It should be usefull to help me with coloring oddly shaped areas on a painting. Like the sky or big water areas. I've been testing it just a minute ago and my first reaction was that of disgust. The smell is terrible. So windows open and doors closed. Putting it on the paper is pretty easy with a brush, just like normal paint.

Getting it off is fairly easy too, sorta like a little rubber layer that you can pull of. Though it seems that I am damaging the aquarel paper a bit. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, so I'm testing it now on a piece of drawing that has already been colored. I don't want it to remove the already painted areas.

I hope it'll turn out allright or else I'll have to color the sky and water the hard way. Which isn't really that difficult, but the result just isn't as pleasing as it could be. I'd have to color tiny seperated patches of sky independantly, and its not as easy to get the colorflow in those patches just as good as in the big area.

For this thursday update I don't have something good. But this sunday I'm going to post an image of the painting that I'll give to my niece for her communion. Just like I did for her older sister. Its an A3 aquarell drawing for which they had a free choice for the subject and I went on from there. I just hope it'll be alright enough.

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