20 May 2010

Live long and prosper

I wonder if Kirk and Spock ever posed like that for a photo.

I made a quicky this time. But because I was listening to soundtracks from Jerry Goldsmith I stumbled upon the soundtrack from star trek the motion picture. It took only a few seconds to conciderd making this drawing. I mean come on why not. Now even though I did googled some images for reference, I didn't use them as good as I should have. But hey, at least I got the colors sorta like they were on the image.

And oh look at that, its the makig off. You can also check out the finished drawing up here.

Another quick sketch I made from a few days earlier is this Viking thingy. I made a small storyboard/comic and on page 2 frame 4 I had this scene. Right now its the only frame that I have drawn. And knowing myself I'll probably forget to draw the others. So unless I get really motivated or inspired I'll just leave you with this frame of the vikingship being struck by lightning.

This is just after they pillaged a town, and its before the ship sinks in the sea and gets found by an archeologist a few hundred years later. Not really a great story to make a comic for, even if it was only supposed to be 4 pages.

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