16 May 2010

Paintings for Communions

The final communion in this side of the family.. for now.

Well, its the last communion of this generation, now its up to us to get kids and get them to do communions. Or some other party instead of it. But anyway this saturday my little niece had hers. And just like I had done for her sister, I also gave her an A3 aquarell painting. A few months ago she gave me the subject she wanted.

For this painting I went to the store to get me some masking paint. I know how hard it is to get the color all smooth and equel in the sky or on the water. Especialy if there are other parts in its way. So this masking paint was sure to help me with it. First time ever that I used it, but definatly worth it, cause now I know how to use it propperly.

The drawing itself has a few babies in it for cuteness, one girl who isn't a fairy and mushrooms. The not-fairy-girl can be anything from thumbelina to just a human who was shrunk to that size. I leave that up to your imagination. The babies are sorta in opposite positions and the little kid in the waterlilly is making the connection between them through a rectangular triangle.

The communion itself was pretty interesting, some fine food, a great desert and a fine revenge for me. With her older sisters communion the kids had stolen my shoes because there was a bouncy castle which I had gone into of course. So this year they were very eager to get me in the bouncy castle again. Though I didn't gave in this time. It went on for a few times that evening. So late in the evening, right before I left I said goodbye to the kids who were watching a movie inside the house.

And then it hit me.

Most of the kids are in one place, which is not outside and which is not near their shoes. They were all very confident that I wouldn't do anything cause they still had their shoes lying next to the bouncy castle. So what did I do. I took on shoe of each pair and then dropped the shoes somewhere else in the house. Not that far away, not that hard to find. But still away from their original spot.

The only sad part is that I didn't get to see their reaction. But knowing that they will be supriced by my revenge action is sweet enough. But anyway, here is the painting I had made for my little niece.

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