23 May 2010


Music is awesome since you can still do other stuff while listening to it.

Yeah music is great indeed. Whenever people ask me to what music I listen I can't really give them a proper awnser. Most of the times I'll say I listen to most genres. Which is true of course, I have enjoyed metal, hardcore, oldies, dance, instrumental music, disney, drum & bass, even the pop songs that everybody in the world likes. But I will confess that I do tend to return to soundtracks alot, and I have a dangerous graving for stupid songs.

Soundtracks from movies, series and videogames. Somehow I can't really deny their awesomeness. I supose its the feeling of something grand in the sound that appeals to me. Or the meaning behind it.

But besides music, lets take a look at a few sketches. This one has some star trek in it. Some random sketches that might turn into big drawings and a sticker. I had found it on the bus pasted it in my sketchbook and continued the drawing. It seemed as the right thing to do.

The little gladiator scene at the right bottom seems like a good candidate for a larger image, and the alien robot killing others in the top right is also a good one. After some tweaking though.

Don't ask what that thing at the bottom is. It looks like a rocket flying and leaving a smoketrail or something behind. But I can't really say that it is just that.

The last image is a little experiment. I gave myself a subject, which was "I shoot". Then the page was divided into nine squares, sorta. And then I would draw in each one of them a little drawing with the subject "I shoot".

Since I drew them on one day I had to invent new ways of showing "I shoot". And therefor that sparks the creativity. Which was the whole point after all. See what different idea's I can imagine and draw them out. I'm not saying they are good though, but they do tend to change my perspective on the different ways to show something shooting.

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