05 April 2017

Music all the way

In memory of my old MP3-player 28/06/2010 - 03/04/2017  

Yesterday I bought myself a new MP3-player. The old one had a malfunction with the sound socket. Sadly I had to get a new one, but its years of service will not be forgotten.

Whenever one of my previous MP3-players stopped working properly I tried to do something fancy with them. If I remember correctly I belief the screen of my very first MP3-player stopped working. When you can't see in what part of the menu you are its kinda difficult to properly use the machine. So I changed its function from "portable MP3-player" to "stay at home player/usb stick". It was so long ago it didn't even have a gig of memory, it was still calculated in megabytes.

Yeah, that's a turtle from TMNT, it used to be this mini castle when you opened its shell. I had to burn two holes in the sides to give the cables an accespoint. That way I could still plug it in and put files on it, even listen to the songs if I wanted. But after I had reconstruced this one I quickly got a new player. Can't go out in the open without a machine to ignore the people, aheum, I mean, to listen to music.

That new MP3-player was the shuffle type of machine, so it got changed way faster then anticipated. I think I really missed having a menu to browse through. Also the previous one had a microphone which this one did not have. So after much consideration and because my mouse also had died that day I build me a mouse/usb stick.

Pretty cool stuff, worked like a charm as well. The only sad part is that I have no idea where I put it. Knowing myself I might have thrown it out thinking it was a regular mouse. Then again, I havn't checked my trunk of junk yet.

That trunk of junk includes a shitload of VHS tapes featuring "Married with children", "Teenage mutant ninja turtles", "Buiten de zone" and some cartoons. There's a load of other crap in there, but I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, back to the MP3-player of today. Its soundsocket malfunctioned so I have a new MP3-player, same type only a newer version. I have not yet decided what to do with the old one. Putting it in a dead mouse again would be cool I guess, but it wouldn't be original. Another idea was to get a stuffed animal and put it in there, though I'm not sure if that would be a fire hazard or not. I'll definatly keep it for a while, and I'll keep you posted if I make something fancy with it. 

For now I'll take that new MP3-player and enjoy some of the new songs that got published this week.

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