25 May 2017


Like the good old times

A few days or weeks ago I started working on a drawing type that I had not used in years. Its made in a style that throws out any rule of perspective and can be best related to the isometric graphics style used in older games.
Back then they didn't have strong 3D engines and a lot of the games used this type of style. Me being a joyfull gamer, back then and still today, got inspired by those types of level designs.

Although its not realisticly correct, it does give you a kind of freedom to show more than you would normally be able to show. In my older drawings I usually didn't add any people, for this one I didn't bother either.
The only big problem I had while making it was inspiration. It was rather difficult to come up with an idea for the stage. Even now I feel like I should have added more details to some of the places. Too many times did I use a cheap trick to fill up empty spaces.
Whenever I had a wall I added either a piece of wood as support for the building or just painted the texture of a brick wall. Its a simple way to fill up empty space and you don't have to come up with new ideas to draw.

Most of it was drawn during my lunchbreak at work. Which of course turned a head once in a while. Its only recently that I started making sketches again during my lunchbreak. Mostly because I have the time to do so. A few years ago I had 45 minutes to eat food and draw, but when I moved to a new shop it changed to 30 minutes. Which is fine for eating food, but not enough to really get into a drawing. But as of late we got those 45 minutes again and I figured it was time again to roll out the pencils. Just got to make sure I don't eat any of them.

btw, can you see the C&S, it stands for "Clothes and Stuff".

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