19 April 2017

Look at me adulting

The beauty of adulting

Today I went to the supermarket and bought myself two brooms, one to sweep the dust of the floor and another to clean the floor with water. People in the street probably thought to themselves. "Well there go's a man who wants to keep his house all tight and clean. A real responsible adult."

Truth be told however, I haven't used a broom for quite some time. I have a vacume cleaner, and when I want to clean the floor with water and soap I actually do it by hand, and not with a broomstick. Seems kinda oldfashioned, but its a good workout.

The real reasone why I bought these two brooms has nothing to do with cleaning. Far from it actually.

During lunch I was reading one of the magazines my collegues had brought to work and in it was a comic about the things you could do during a lazy summer vacation. You know, things like picknicks and breakfast in bed, that kinda stuff.  One of the options was to build a fort in the living room and watch movies in it.

From the moment I saw that example I knew in my heart, nay in my soul, that I had to do that. So, all day long I was thinking about how I could build the perfect fort in my home, but then I realised I didn't have a broomstick. As many of you people might know, the broomstick is the foundation of a good coughfort. Luckily for me, my local supermarket actually sells brooms. After work I made a quick stop there and got me two of them floorsweapers. The second I was home I started the construction works.

I had to move the sofa a bit to the side and needed to pile up some of my lego containers to build a support for my brooms. Sadly one of the brooms wasn't long enough to bridge the gap so I had to get creative with a tube I had. But in the end I was able to put everything up. All that was left was to fill up the camp with fluffies.

"Being an adult allows you to do things you wanted to do as a kid without a grown up trying to stop you."
Because I am a child in spirit I already had a giant crocodile fluff and some other soft stuff that I could put in the fort. After some finetuning I had the perfect resting space for me after a hard days work. My first plan had me put a projector inside the tent to watch movies, but in practise it would be difficult to pull it off. That idea was scratched, and I'll stick to making sketches in the tent and maybe reading books in it. Depending how long I'll keep it standing.

For now I'm happy with the cozyness it provides and the childlike nostalgia it represents.

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