22 March 2017

What a world we live in

Looks like I'm not procrastinating right now.

You know those blogs which have died a silent death, but then years later they make a new post and are all like "This is it, from now on I'll post every day and this'll become the best blog EVAR!"? Usually those blogs die off again after that one new post and you'll hear nothing of them again for the rest of eternity.


I'm pretty sure my blog belongs to that group, about 87% chance of it. Nonetheless, it is now time to start ranting. Enjoy.

A good point to start is the following question: "What the hell have I been doing in the past five years?". To awnser that question I could write a whole bunch of posts, explaning in excruciating detail what has happend. But to hell with that, here's the short version.

Vacation to Canada, brother having a kid, changing work location, living on my own, grandparents died, became godfather of two lovely little buggers and I did a year of making animations every day.

Oh yeah, look at that, its even in chronological order. You can thank my journal for that. Yeah I said it, I have a journal. Not that I use it on a regular basis, far from it. Usually there's a month inbetween the moments I write someting in it. However, I have been using it for the past two decades. Because of that it has accumulated a lot of thoughts, lost mindsets, opinions and ideas. Most of them are as foolish as they are long.

An example: (translated from dutch for your comfort)
A minute ago I was sittinig at my window, looking at the moon. It occured to me that next year or the year after that people might be flying around the moon again, courtesy of SpaceX.  It would be the first time in my life that I could look at the moon and know that I'm not just looking at a dead rock, but also people who are actually there. Wtf.

After that I started looking at the stars and for the first time I realised that around each and every one of those stars there is probably a planet. In the past I only saw stars when I looked at the night sky. But tonight I gazed at the stars and I saw more, in my mind it was not just lonely stars, but stars with a planets floating around it, maybe even more then one planet, heck maybe even a  planet with actual life on it. Its fascinating to look at the sky with this in mind.
Its not that I didn't know this before, but with scientist discovering more and more exoplanets lately, the idea becomes more and more realistic. Kinda like a kangaroo, I have never seen a kangaroo in real life, yet science/photo's has shown me that they are real. Just like those planets, I have never seen them, but science has shown me that they are there, floating around those little bright lights in the sky.  
I like that idea, its comforting in a way.

In case that it isn't obvious, I like science. More specifically, I like spaceships, spacetravel and the fact that I live in an era where I might experience a new space revolution. The only sad part about it is that I do not have a degree in rocket sciene and thus I cannot participate in pushing the space science to the next level.

So I'll just sit around here and entertain whoever that reads this blog. I might need to bring some snacks and drinks if I want to keep people interested.

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